Dear Members & Friends of LCC – 11th May 2020

As I am sure you will have realised we should by now be some five weeks into our 2020 cricket season, however, due to the COVID-19 crisis this is unfortunately not the case.

With no cricket being played it will not surprise you that there is currently zero revenue being generated from member’s subscriptions, match fees and bar sales etc. With certainly no change coming till at least July 1st and the very real possibility that we will not get any recreational cricket this season there will be little to no income for the club this season. However, LCC will still have significant outgoings of over £5,500 for rent, building insurance, equipment and ground maintenance as well as a defibrillator to be purchased and installed putting the club under considerable financial pressure.

Now more than ever Lapworth Cricket Club needs your help and support.

In order for the club to survive these uncertain and worrying times, LCC with the support of the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) have launched a Crowdfunding scheme where the local community and businesses along with LCC members, friends and family can pledge much needed funds to the club. In addition the ECB have committed to top-up the total by £100 as long as the goal is reached. Our objective, ultimately, is to generate enough to fund the purchase of a defibrillator with any extra funds raised going towards the fixed costs LCC has to pay regardless of whether a ball is bowled or not!

So what can you do to help? By contributing yourself and sharing this email and link to your family, friends, work colleagues, local groups/businesses etc. you will be helping LCC maintain the beautiful Melson Memorial Ground and provide a much needed defibrillator.

Any contribution, no matter what the amount will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.  Please see the link to donate here:

Thank you in advance for your continued support. Stay safe and we looking forward to welcoming you at Lapworth Cricket Club sometime soon.

Kind regards


Richard Evans


Lapworth Cricket Club

With the UK in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic you will of course not be surprised to hear that the start of the 2020 recreational cricket season has been suspended until further notice and professional cricket is suspended until  at least 1 July. However we still remain very hopeful that we will get some cricket at The Melson Memorial ground this season.

Cotswold Hills League fixtures were due to commence on Saturday 2 May and with 10 teams in a division we play each other on a home and away basis, 18 games in total. The second half of the season commences on the 4 July so our hope is that we could play half a league season with probably no promotion or relegation this year. League administrators are looking at various options that are all dependant on when we get the restrictions lifted.

Some of our members have come up with novel ways of playing some forms of cricket during the period of inactivity, cricket in the back garden and the driveway seeming the most popular with not too many reports of broken windows – yet! Apparently sales of garden size practice batting nets have been fantastic and another company reports that sales of “rebound cricket ball catchers” have gone through the roof – not certain if they meant literally!

The one person at the cricket club not affected by the suspension of cricket is our groundsman for him its business as usual. In fact this year after such a mild wet winter we have had to start cutting much earlier than normal (I am sure you have noticed that with your lawns at home) and the early spring warmth has given the grass a real growth spurt. Although there are no wickets to prepare at present the key objective for our groundsman is to have the ground ready for action when/if we get the go ahead.

We really hope to be able to welcome you and your families to watch cricket at the beautiful Melson Memorial ground at some point later this season.

Keep safe.