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Crime Prevention Roadshow Lapworth

The Warwick Rural West Safer Neighbourhood Team is again holding a Crime Prevention Roadshow in Lapworth this month


When is it? Saturday 26th May 10am – 11.30am

Where is it? Navigation Inn, Old Warwick Road, Lapworth, B94 6NA.

What will be happening? This is an opportunity to meet members of your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

They will be giving crime prevention advice on tackling vehicle crime, burglaries and how best to secure your property.

They will answer any questions you may have on any crime prevention topics.

Will there be freebies? Definitely! The teams will be handing out goodies that will help you prevent crime.

Who can I contact for more information? PCSO Matt Hall on 01926 684397 Or email:


Crime Prevention For Your Vehicle

One of the most effective ways to stop someone stealing your vehicle (keyless or not) is to use a steering wheel lock.  That way, even if thieves manage to open your car door, they won’t be able to drive your vehicle away.

You can buy a steering wheel lock from a number of places, but Warwickshire Rural Watch have  partnered with Disklok, who are offering a 10 per cent discount on their products exclusively to drivers in the Warwickshire Police area.  The offer is open for all models on the website.

Ordering is simple – just log onto and enter the code keylesstheft10 at the checkout.  The offer expires at the end of June 2018.

Go ahead given for 38 houses to be built

Plans to build 38 residential dwellings with associated access, parking, open space and landscaping, on the former Kingswood Nurseries site in Lapworth, have been given the go ahead.

Warwick District Council have given permission for A C Lloyd Homes to build on land at Meadow House/Kingswood Farm on Old Warwick Road, Lapworth.

There will be 15 affordable houses with one, two and three bedroom houses and bungalows and 23 houses of two, three, four and five bedrooms.

All Planning Application documents can be found at Warwick District Council, Planning  Applications Reference Number W/17/1724.



The National Trust needs your help to decorate Baddesley Clinton this Christmas (yes folks, Christmas)!

Baddesley Clinton NT are hoping once again to decorate the house with lots of dried flowers to celebrate the festive season.   They will be drawing on their own beautiful gardens for flowers and are also giving supporters a chance to get involved and contribute flowers grown in their gardens and/or in pots.

For more information follow the link Help us decorate Baddesley Clinton for Christmas.